The Quintessential Christmas Gift Guide 2018

The Christmas festive season is well and truly in-sight and your diary is filling up fast, but this year, don’t leave all of your shopping until the last minute, you’ve got better things to do on Christmas Eve.  In our Quintessential Gift Guide, we’ve hand-picked presents so perfect that you’ll be shooting straight to the top of everyone’s nice list next year.  From vintage French ceramics, hand-mirrors and glass demi-johns, to leather boxing gloves, travel trunks and the ultimate wing-back chair, our inspired edit of original quintessential gifts should not be overlooked.  After all, nothing beats the feeling of giving someone a gift they’ll truly love, except for receiving one, of course!

{Exceptionally Gifted } The ultimate gift, an original English Leather Wingback Chair

{Just in Case} A collection of original English Leather Suitcases as featured in the Christmas edition of Country Style magazine

{Bet Your Boots} As featured in Country Style magazine, English Riding Boots & Timber Lasts

{Christmas Blooms} Vintage French Glass Demi-Johns make for beautiful floral displays during the festive season

{Looking Good} Decorative vintage Hand-Mirrors look fabulous displayed as a collection on a wall

{Precious Metal} Vintage Copper Moulds add some festive sparkle to a Christmas table

{Festive Farmhouse} Antique Dairy Bowls make for great serving bowls during the festivities

{Sweet Treats} Decorative Shelley Jelly Moulds make for practical & decorative gifting

{Simply Elegant} For the festive table, vintage French & English Tureens

{Luxe Leather} Treat yourself purchase! Original Vintage Leather Travel Trunks

{For Him} The perfect gift for a man-cave! Vintage Leather Boxing Gloves

{Quintessentially Quirky} For keepsakes, jewellery & watches, English Leather Collar Boxes

Visit Quintessential duckeggBLUE this festive season and add some originality to your gift giving!  Can’t make it in-store?  Simply shop-online, call or email us and we can easily arrange to send your gift.

Enjoy the festivities,

The Quintessential duckeggBLUE Team.

Posted on: 5th December , 2018
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