Vintage Enamelware has many charms… and at quintessential duckeggBLUE we think you could become a serious collector, not just because it always looks fresh and lovely but also that when it became popular in the early 19th century everything from kitchen goods to milking pails were coated in it! That said, the beautiful Vintage Enamelware that Leanne sources, mainly in England and France, is increasingly becoming harder to find…

Although a metal, like ceramics, it is glazed, which creates a non-porous surface that is easy to clean. Unlike ceramics (which of course we also love) there is an industrial edge to enamelware, which combined with the simple forms of its era, immensely suits both practical and decorative purposes in the most elegant of modern homes..

Its fresh and clean appeal means we love enamelware in the bathroom (this whole enamel bath looks pretty great too) as much as we love it the kitchen.

Decorating with enamel can also lend a warm farmhouse feel with a simple, unfussy elegance. You might have also noticed we are quite fond of white!

Of course we also love white combined with the aging patina of most Vintage Enamelware and cobalt blue on the rims (or deep charcoal and black), largely found in classic French and English Vintage pieces….

Also found in classic English and French pieces might be a good strong cup of tea or a warming bouillabaisse!

Whatever your uses for Vintage Enamelware may be, its charm really does lie in its simple utilitarian style and effortless chic..Enamored? We thought you might be! We currently have a lovely selection in store so why not visit in store today or have a little peek here







Posted on: 10th April , 2017
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