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Vintage Leather Club Chairs are an absolute favourite at Quintessential duckeggBLUE. So much that our store doesn’t quite feel itself unless there are always a few on hand. Not only are they handsome and always in style they have an inimitable presence which we will try to define..

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When sinking into the absolute luxe of a Vintage Leather Club Chair you can see why this design classic was originally named “fatuteuil confortable”or “comfortable chair”. Its more popular name came from its use in the elite domains of private gentlemen’s Clubs in England and France,the low lit opulent dens where men could retreat from both public and domestic arenas.

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The chair is still redolent with these masculine associations.. aged leather, late night chats,old boys clubs, whiskey and cigars…and the list could go on!

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Today, whilst being an essential in any “Man cave”, they are also beautifully suited to any room in the house through their distinct “Moderne” style and suppleness of form… (and can certainly now be shared by the fairer sex!)

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This “Moderne” style is perhaps most readily identifiable with the Art Deco movement. So although¬† these “comfortable chairs” were in use in the rarefied domains of men’s clubs before the turn of the 20th it was after the 1925 Paris Exposition Decoritif et industriels Modernes and the birth of the Art Deco movement that the Club Chair that we most readily identify today was introduced into the market.

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From this point the design of the Club Chair was developed and refined into a more modern streamlined style.¬† Roundish forms and the use of “basane” lambskin leather were typical of these designs, particularly chairs fabricated in France.

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Many variations on the classic Club Chair can be found even when grouped together in the Art deco period. So the rounded forms of the initial designs evolved into many variations such as the “mustache” chair with its distinctive curve like lips or moustache or the “chapeau de gendarme” with its its elegant arched back.

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We are always delighted by the many variations in design but generally the swooping curves of the Art moderne combined with flourishes from earlier era’s defines many of the stylistic features of the Club Chair. The suppleness of leather and line, the low seat and the snug enveloping comfort of the whole chair itself are also enduring features.

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With such a distinguished and strong design presence it is remarkable how easily the Club Chair can suit such a diverse range of interior environments. We especially like them in pared back contemporary spaces where their own modern line and form can really be showcased.

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They are also perfect for for bringing some warmth, comfort and perhaps a bit of rugged glamour to any room. The masculine edge of industrial interiors is also obviously a perfect fit with the Club Chair but then again so is a very relaxing bookish corner with a cup of tea.. Heaven!

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Wherever you decide to place your own Club Chair you can be assured of many comfortable hours in the most gorgeous company. Please browse our current selection of Vintage Leather Club Chairs HERE or view in store today!


Posted on: 22th June , 2016
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