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There’s something supremely elegant about unadorned Antique and Vintage Mannequins (or dress forms for the purists among you). At quintessential duckeggBLUE we delight in them for many reasons, the first being that as retailers, including our fashion stores The Man Next Door and DuckeggBLUE, we love the history and use of dress forms for both commercial display and utilitarian “making” purposes.



Of course the use of Mannequins was once strictly a domain of the elite. In the middle ages royalty had personal mannequins made so they didn’t have to be disturbed by tailors! With the advent of “Haute Couture” the demand for high fashion increased as well as coinciding with the Industrial Revolution and the flourishing of many stores, higher production lines and window displays. All used mannequins…



Mannequins to this day are still used for these purposes but we especially adore Antique and Vintage Mannequins which tell of their time and particular moment in history through their patina, makers marks and materials used ( sometimes it is also quite simply told in the size of the waistline!)



With their rich history and gorgeous sculptural forms, we believe the display of Antique and Vintage Mannequins in the home instantly adds an unusual and striking feature.



They suit a diverse range of interior styles.. from pared back rustic interiors to the most modern of homes.


We especially like imaginative display tactics and the use of mannequins in the home decor always creates a little bit of drama and slightly offbeat style!


Quitessential Magazine Collections stylist: John Mangila

Like any of our favourite found antiques & decorative objects, Antique & Vintage Mannequins are in keeping with our appreciation for craftsmanship, history and the slightly curious. We currently have a beautiful selection on display so why not visit in store today or browse here

Posted on: 22th February , 2017
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