On the Table

As far as furniture goes, beautiful Antique and Vintage Tables really are the centerpiece of any home, and at quintessential duckeggBLUE we like to think not only are the tables we select superbly made and stand out pieces, but also have a history of good times shared and many more to come …

We particularly love European Farmhouse Tables which are constructed of superior timbers with gorgeous patinas and simple tapered legs that suit a variety of interior styles.

To our minds there is nothing as warm and inviting than a large, solid farmhouse table bearing some timeworn marks and aged hues (but always restored to immaculate condition of course!).

We are also partial to industrial, bistro and trestle tables and particularly like the interest that wrought iron, steel and marble can always bring to a room …

These materials also allow for easy outside dining and make for practical and stylish lovely garden features. Perfect for the alfresco entertainer!

Of course you don’t have to be entertaining, having a table with rich character and special provenance can make the simplest of family dinners or a relaxing cup of tea all the more enjoyable.

Of all the quintessential pieces that furnish a home we really can’t think of one that beats the everyday usefulness and overall importance of the table, so why not have an absolute beauty?

We currently have a selection of Antique and Vintage Tables that Leanne has sourced in France and England, that just might be the perfect addition to your home. So why not visit in store today or peruse our lovely selection here

Posted on: 29th March , 2017
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