About Us

Responsible for sourcing the impressive selection, specialising in found antiques & decorative objects, Quintessential duckeggBLUE founder, Leanne Carter-Taylor, offers you only the most select pieces from around the world, including Europe, America and Russia, and of course England, Leanne’s mother land!

From reconditioned French industrial workbenches, tables, chairs and storage lockers to antique Georgian Windsor chairs, old English club sofa chairs dating from 1890 to medical units dating from the 1930s, industrial lighting, pigeon holes, clocks, original bus destination signs to an array of unusual antique curiosities and one-off finds.


quintessential duckeggBLUE answers questions such as what is the quintessential farmhouse table? By sourcing European antique tables made from timbers such as English Elm, French Oak and Chestnut, which epitomise the classic shape and detail of a quintessential farmhouse table.

What makes a 1930s leather chair quintessential? Or a 100 year-old clock our favourite way to keep track of our modern schedules? We all know that quality and provenance are paramount, but whats that intangible something else that really makes a piece covetable?

Finding these covetable pieces is Leanne’s passion. Just as our homes are a reflection of each of us, never quite perfect, always improving and changing, Leanne strongly believes that the shop is a reflection of her. She travels and buys from all over the world; only those objects which she believes are the best of their type make it to quintessential duckeggBLUE.

The finds are then professionally restored with great care and attention to detail; ensuring they are perfectly ready to be integrated into your home, retail stores, warehouse lofts or offices.


Our online store is updated weekly with all our latest finds, so please check back regularly to see our latest additions or browse the individual sections, and make sure you sign up for our VIP mailing list to ensure you will be updated via e-mail when new stock arrives.

Alternatively, please visit our retail store, located on Darling Street in Balmain, Sydney.  We are open 6 days a week, Tuesday-Sunday, and are always happy to assist with your enquiry.  Please note: ALL purchases are final.  No refunds, exchanges or credit notes are given for any purchases and all items are purchased as seen.  Any age and wear is part of the product qualities and charm, they are after all, antique, industrial or just plain old! We do however strive to sell only the most covetable and quality pieces that we can ‘find’!

Vogue Australia (fashion) thinks we make ‘Brilliantly considered and covetable choices’, and we hope you agree.