Category: What’s old is reNEWed again!

Before and After – Belgian chair

On her travels Leanne is constantly searching for that ‘quintessential club chair‘, so when she finds one, even in a not-so-perfect state , she claims it to

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‘Cheshunt Dairies’ then and NOW!

As you all know, our most recent shipment was delivered this week, and it was FULL of absolutely amazing ‘finds’! (Some of which need a little love

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A perfect club chair in the making

See this leather club chair below? It is in the process of receiving a NEW LOOK! Originating from the South of France, circa 1940, this leather club

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a quintessential restoration

Despite the dust and a few missing handles, Leanne was smitten by this 1900-1910 French Oak hardware store counter. It’s charm shone through and finally, with a

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Original club chair gets designer upgrade!

On her sourcing journeys Leanne comes across some interesting pieces as you can see in the ‘Behind the Scenes’ blog post.  Most of the items she brings

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School Cabinet then and now

We love original typeface. So when this piece was found and looked a bit worse for wear, we all but ran the other way. Leanne saw it

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