Antique English Foot Warmers

We love a good left-of-center, quirky find here at Quintessential duckeggBLUE and these original foot warmers are no exception. Dating to the early 1900s, the English foot-warmers are made from stoneware and covered with a lustrous treacle glaze. With the makers name, Nawell’s, and the patent number imprinted into the side and base, these foot-warmers would have been heated in a kitchen fire and then used to keep warm while traveling in cars and carriages! Genius we think! Re-purpose today (yes we are not suggesting you use them today to keep warm) as a handy door or gate stop or just a collection of lovely decorative objects.

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Key Information

  • Antique English
  • Glazed stoneware
  • Patent name on side and base
  • 1 available Red Colour
  • D 21cm, W 11cm H 7cm