Collection of Framed Anatomy Plates

Just arrived in-store are these highly impressive antique dissection illustrative print plates from a Victorian physician’s book of anatomy, London, circa 1860s.  Hailing from an era when artistry was just as important a skill for doctors and surgeons as science and mathematics, these illustrations depict anatomical dissections drawn with meticulous precision, proportions and coloured details.  Each plate is individually numbered, and shows the year surgeon, G.V Ellis.  Not for the faint hearted, but subtle and delicate enough in both palette and style to make for a striking addition in the home perhaps in the bathroom, hallway or study.  Could also be perfect for a medical practice, surgeons office or the graduating medical student. 2 remaining, sold individually, all professionally framed.

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Key Information

  • original Victorian Dissection Prints
  • Newly, professionaly Framed
  • English, Circa 1860s
  • 1 available image 3
  • W 51cm, H 69.5, D 2cm