Antique English Pine Dresser

An essential feature of every well equipped kitchen, this most attractive antique farmhouse dresser is indeed an impressive find!  Dating to the late 1890’s, the name derives from the board or table on which meat was ‘dressed’ or food prepared.  Made from solid pine timbers and featuring 3 large and deep drawers, a raised base shelf and 3 plate shelves on a paneled back, it has ample storage space for kitchen essentials.  Standing at just over over 2.4 metres tall and 1.9 m wide, it can easily be transported or maneuvered into your home as the base is separate to the plate rack (how handy is that!).
Our Verdict? A beautiful large and imposing piece of original English farmhouse furniture.

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Key Information

  • Antique english pine dresser, circa late 1890's
  • Superb condition, beautiful aged pine timbers
  • large proportions
  • H 243.5cm W 190cm D 56cm (Base height 96.5cm, Plate rack height 147cm)