Silk Mill Stone Counterweights

Reclaimed from Tours, France, our collection of silk mill stone counterweights used in the Le Manach mill, make for fabulous garden decorations. Founded in 1829, this mill specialises in the production of upholstery fabrics and has a long tradition of silk weaving and printed fabrics run by the same family for over 5 generations. Dating from the mid-1800s these stones (of all shapes & sizes) were used as counterweights against the actual loom action while fabric was being woven. Disused for many years, they now have a beautiful weathered feel to them after being left to bare the elements. Repurpose them today with a collection of the stones in your garden or even use as a door or garden gate stop.

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Key Information

  • Beautiful and unusal finds, perfect for garden decoration
  • Available in various shapes & sizes
  • Height 20cm-40cm