Gorgeous Glass

Decorating with Antique and Vintage glass in the home always brings colour, light and elegant appeal!  At quintessential duckeggBLUE we currently have a large range of beautiful glass vessels ranging from antique medicine bottles, preserve jars, demijohns, cloches, bouys and laboratory beakers to name but a few…

Glass in the home instantly adds colour but in a very subtle and elegant manner… this is doubly enhanced in Antique and Vintage Glass which often has natural time worn frosting and gentle hues. Character is also given through specific makers marks and brands.

Perfect to display flowers or precious objects, we also love a collection of vessels displayed together.

Mainly we love the way glass reflects and refracts light which makes it ideal for sunny aspects or as eye-catching features in spaces needing light and colour. To our minds nothing can replicate the specific palettes and hand-blown beauty of antique and vintage glasses…Always stunning and unique.

We currently have a gorgeous selection of Antique and Vintage glassware that Leanne collected in her most recent trip to England and France…


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Posted on: 10th October , 2017
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