Over the Counter

At quintessential duckeggBLUE we like the idea of re-purposing taken to its full potential and this is always beautifully realised when incorporating Antique & Vintage Shop Counters and Work Benches in the home (they also look pretty stunning in their natural environs of retail and hospitality as well)

We especially love them in the kitchen and bathroom. They make ideal kitchen islands and beautiful bathroom cabinets but we’ve also seen them used for walk in wardrobes and striking lounge room features.

Some reclaimed pieces are so exceptional that we feel that whole rooms should be designed around them!

Antique and Vintage Shop Counters and Work Benches can include everything from exquisite apothecary cabinets, to patisserie counters, to haberdashery and drapers benches..and the list goes on!

Their former commercial uses not only makes them beautifully crafted, often with ornate finishes, but also fantastically robust.

There’s also something a little unique and inventive about re-purposing these lovely pieces in the home…so why not get a bit creative?

To our minds there is nothing quite as impressive asĀ  gorgeous Antique & Vintage Shop Counters and Work Benches put to good work in the home and we currently have a stunning Original English Haberdashery Counter and impressive Textile Mill Drawers in store at quintessential duckeggBLUE today which just might suit this very purpose ….










Posted on: 19th April , 2017
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