Precious Metal


There is nothing like the superb colour and sheen of Vintage Copper to bring richness and luxe into the home environment. At quintessential duckeggBLUE we don’t believe you have to a be French master chef to enjoy the many wonderful traits of Copper and we love it for all sorts of display.

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For all of its associations with ancient civilizations,who used copper in the making of tools, weapons, jewellery and yes cookware, it is timelessly elegant and absolutely at home in contemporary interiors.


The benefits of cooking with Copper, of course, remain unrivaled. It is an excellent heat conductor and ensures great control over the temperature of cooking. For the serious gourmand it is an kitchen essential and has really become an iconic symbol of the high end kitchen.


But there’s something more to Copper cookware than just this..its also filled with nostalgic and vivid associations of an epicurious life. We cannot help thinking of Monet’s beautiful house and garden in Giverny, France and its kitchen filled with Copper pots and vessels


As Mirielle Guiliano from the author of Why French Women Don’t Get Fat writes “One look at the kitchen at Giverny, and it is clear Monet’s gourmet world of food and friends amid gardens and paints was a rich part of his life shared with those close to him.”  We are sure this impression of a certain joie de vivre has something to do with all those Copper Pots! Also as far as display tactics go we always trust a great artist….how good does that copper and blue look together?


Which brings us back to the pure aesthetic of Copper..So whilst being fabulously useful (for example we love large copper urns as storage for firewood, at doorway entrances or in the hall and jelly molds really do make the most lovely jellies and cakes) with its polished good looks Copper just adds a certain rich loveliness to the home.


So whether you’re a domestic goddess or simply want a gorgeous display feature we will always recommend Copper. To our minds it really is a precious metal!



We currently have a beautiful array of Vintage Copper finds from gorgeous cookware, jugs, urns, measures, decalitres, jelly molds even dairy milk churns! Please browse our collection of covetable Copper objects here or visit in store today.


Posted on: 9th November , 2016
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