Sail Away

As far as decorative pieces go for the home, there is nothing quite as appealing as Vintage & Antique Pond Yachts.

The display of these vessels always has a timeless charm and immediately suggests worldly travels and nautical adventures.

Of course Pond Yachts and Model Boats also remind us to simpler of times when a whole day could be spent racing and floating all manner of makes and models at the local park!

Hugely popular in England and the USA in the early 19th century, Pond yachts were often beautifully crafted with great attention to small details and sails

Perfectly suited to all rooms in the home we especially love them displayed in home libraries, fireplaces mantles and of course man caves. Always a perfect gift for a child or perhaps just the young at heart!

We currently have a two beautiful Pond yachts in superb condition with classic hulls and original linen sails…

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Posted on: 7th February , 2018
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