The Long and Short Of It

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Sometimes it’s the most humble pieces that pull it all together … and at quintessential duckeggBLUE, we think that stools in all their lovely shapes and sizes have this influence.



Infinitely practical ,versatile and elegant … we honestly can’t imagine many rooms in the house where a stool can’t be put to good use, either as a seat or small table.


It’s no surprise that the stool is the earliest form of seating and the rustic simplicity of its design is certainly where its charm lies.



We especially like pieces with a rich working history, like stools made especially for the milkshed or the laboratory or the piano … and the list could go on!


But mainly we just love them displayed in the home, much like you would an elegant sculpture (albeit one that’s also nice to sit on or rest your tired feet on!)


We currently have a huge collection of stools in store ranging from the cutest of wooden farmhouse ones to some great industrial finds. Why not come and see for yourself and visit our store today or browse our collection here

Posted on: 31th January , 2017
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