What’s Your Type?

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The appreciation and collection of vintage typography is an ongoing obsession at quintessential duckeggBLUE. Everything from destination and street signs, Victorian and vintage advertising, shop signs, depth markers and measurements, rail, bus and tram rolls, Church notices, sporting paraphernalia, bespoke lettering and numbers and an odd love letter or two could be included in our long list of coveted objects with nice type!

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Vintage typography in the home adds instant personality and interest to any room (even if you are the most austere minimalist!) and the right piece can be displayed as much as you would a favourite artwork.

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The love of type is a love of history and language and its changing (type)face. Our love probably starts in the Victorian Era through to the Industrial Age when the mechanisms of print became a little faster and there was many a product to sell, a destination to go, a shop to visit.

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In many ways a love of vintage type is also a homage to the genius of advertising and graphic artists of the past. To our minds they also did it with a little more finesse and detail than we see today. Then again we also like the humblest of hand painted signs without the least bit of finesse at all!

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When displayed in the home we especially like the subtle humour that the right piece of typography can add to a room, it can be a nice talking point and always add a bit of wit and fun to an interior (whilst always looking very elegant of course!)

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Of course Vintage signs and typography also have the uncanny ability to transport you to far off places and other times … or maybe dreamy places you may soon venture.

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However, what really makes vintage typography an excellent design feature for the home is that it is bold but also strangely unobtrusive. So whilst often having a lovely aged patina and nice palette which give character and warmth, there is also something clean and absolutely modern in its aesthetic.

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So what’s your type? You can’t really get it wrong when decorating with vintage typography, just have fun choosing which particular piece might suit your style best!We currently have a great selection of Vintage Signs in store ranging from hand painted English Chemist Signs to wonderful School Honours Lists (and everything in between!)

Why not browse here to see our latest collection of beautiful original signs and typography or view in store today.

Posted on: 20th September , 2016
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