Victorian Stationmasters Desk

As far as quintessential pieces of furniture go, this Victorian stationmasters desk is rich with history and beyond impressive.¬† It was once used within the office of a UK railway stationmaster in the late 1800’s. With original Queen Victoria reign markings that can found stamped on the leg, this desk is dated to 1876.¬†Constructed from cedar timbers and with a superb quality, tooled chestnut leather inlay, this well proportioned desk stands on turned legs and has 2 good sized drawers.
A perfect working desk for either the home study or office, pieces like this, with a story to tell are, increasingly hard to find.

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Key Information

  • Dated 1876
  • Queen Victoria Marking
  • 2 drawers
  • Tooled chestnut leather inlay
  • W 152cm x D 102cm H 76cm