Original Guinness Advertising Poster

Original vintage drink advertising poster for Guinness Irish stout beer “Lovely Day for a Guinness”.  Printed in Great Britain by John Waddington Ltd, Leeds and in an original timber frame, it was displayed within an English railway station. In good condition, it makes for a very impressive piece of wall art.

John Gilroy’s iconic artwork, designs and influence for the Guinness advertising campaigns, from 1928 to the 1960s, are still current today and the original Guinness posters are very collectable. John Gilroy was responsible for some of the most famous advertising campaigns in history and helped turn around the fortunes of Guinness in the late 1920s where a worldwide depression had seen flattening sales and a urgent need to reach new markets and increase sales.  The Guinness company engaged S.H. Benson’s advertising agency, and artist John Gilroy was assigned to the account. The rest is advertising history.  One of the most memorable was born of his creative interpretation of a performing sea lion that caught his eye at the zoo. That animal, Gilroy mused, would be smart enough to balance a glass of Guinness on its nose.



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Key Information

  • Original Guinness Advertising Framed Poster
  • Circa 1953
  • Printed in great britain
  • W 113cm H 164cm D 5cm