Smiths Sectric Industrial Wall clock

Price: $695

Dating to the 1940s this original Smiths Sectric wall clock would once have served as an office clock within perhaps a government clerical building, a factory office or even a school.  With a Bakelite surround in a dodecagon shape (12 sided polygon),  we have professionally restored this time piece including conversion to a high-quality, American battery quartz movement (so much easier for keeping time these days).  Measuring approx. 40cm in diameter and in good working order, this large Smiths Sectric wall clock is in excellent condition.

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Key Information

  • Smiths Sectric manufactured, circa 1940s
  • Bakelite surround in a dodecagon shape
  • converted to a battery operated clock
  • In good working order
  • Diameter 40cm Depth 9cm