Set in Stone

Virtually unchanged in design for many hundreds of years, Staddle Stones, (also known as mushroom stones) were originally used to raise barns and granaries off the ground, the theory being they kept the produce from spoilage by damp, and also prevented mice and other vermin from climbing past the staddle stone caps (as we said, that was the theory)!

Today, staddle stones are extremely sought after and make for superb architectural garden decoration.

The lichen and particular timeworn stains on the stone as well as the varying different mushroom shapes make every stone absolutely unique.

We particularly love them as markers for doorways or garden paths or as centerpieces for smaller courtyards and patios.

We currently have a lovely selection of Staddle Stones in store so why not browse in store today or maybe just here

Posted on: 17th August , 2017
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